Brokerage Services

At MENTOR Oregon, we understand it can be difficult for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to identify services and connect with the right providers to meet their needs.  That's why we offer our Brokerage Service to help adults and families assess needs, understand the process of selecting services and make informed choices to meet unique goals.

In our Brokerage Services we match adults, who live in their own homes, with personal agents who identify and coordinate the supports each person needs to thrive in the community.  With a focus on personal choice, our agents provide continued guidance to help each person reach their own goals.  Our mission is to empower the adults we serve to shape their future and live rich, full lives in the community.

Specialized Support and Direction

Our dedicated agents have backgrounds in support services, case management, foster care, and mental health services.  This experience allows them to provide quality disability-related support, informed direction and encouragement.  In order to meet the specific needs of each person, our agents build relationships with the individuals and their circle of support—which may include family members and friends.  Agents take the time to understand each person's life goals and interests, and the level of assistance they need to live life to the fullest.  Our personal agents provide focused supports, such as:

  • Helping to identify the individual's goals
  • Developing and monitoring Individualized Support Plans (ISPs)
  • Identifying familial supports, as well as services in the community
  • Helping to choose a direction that fulfills the goals of the ISP
  • Choosing effective supports based on service eligibility
  • Negotiating rates and services with chosen providers
  • Monitoring supports for quality on an ongoing basis

Person-centered Services

Our personal agents can identify the natural supports that are already present in the lives of the people we serve.  We also use a goal survey to assess the condition of each adult’s home, as well as medical, financial, hygienic, employment and educational needs.  With this information and from understanding the changes the individuals want to make in their lives, we develop Individualized Support Plans that may include the following goals:

  • Community inclusion
  • Medical care
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Relief care
  • Transportation
  • Everyday responsibilities

The ISP is established around these goals, and new goals can be identified at any time through continued discussion and service planning with our personal agents.  This approach allows personal agents to present the individual with an easy-to-follow menu of support options.  These options may include MENTOR Oregon’s employment services and Alternative to Employment program, as well as services from other providers in the community. 

MENTOR Oregon Brokerage has proven that individuals flourish when they are able to receive services and supports from their community and live in the comfort of their own home. Contact the office nearest you for more details about our brokerage services.